, If you can't get a girl in the summertime; It's the girls that make the seaside

, Kitty Murray, I'm in a hurry

, Don't say I ever made you love me; A broken doll; Is it nothing to you?; Everybody loves me but the girl I love; I ain't got nobody

, Give me your answer, dear, before I go; Little Rosalie, My Pretty Refugee; Now you've got your khaki on

, Portobello Lass; You're going back to your girl in London Meet me at the corner of the street

, You've got me and I've got you; Nobody else but you; Just we two and the moon; Just one kiss, just another one It's lovely to be in love; I want loving all the time; If I thought you loved me; Somebody knows, somebody cares. Songs about the war Once the Kaiser's army

S. Auld-mother, They lie far awa' frae their ain native land

, Cockney in khaki

V. Michael-o'leary, Laddie in Khaki; We're all North Country lads and lasses; Bravo territorials; Follow the Sergeant I'm giving up my job to the Kaiser I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier

, Kitchener's boys

, Mother's sitting knitting little mittens for the navy; Our Whistling Tommies; Sons of the Empire