;. From-this-lemma, G. , H. , S. , and T. ?-a, ? 1) ? n with deg(S) < deg(H), deg(T ) < deg(G)

H. , S. , T. , and Y. , withH monic in ? such that: ? v(F ?GH) > v(F ) + 2 n, with v(G ? G) ? n + v(G) and v(H ? H) ? n + v(H), ? v(SG +TH ? 1) > 2 n ; deg(T ) < deg(G), deg(S) < deg(H)

F. , G. , H. , S. , and T. ). , Algorithm: HenselStep

?. ,

Q. and R. Quorem,

. 3g-?-g-+-?-t-+-q-g,

. 4h-?-h-+-r,

?. Sg-+-th,

A. and B. Quorem,

. 7s-?-s-?-b,

. 8t-?-t-?-?-t-?-ag,

G. Returnh and S. ,

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