, AG50-WX2 resin (Dowex, Dow Chemical Company

. Acetonitrile, , vol.99

H. Glycoclean and . Cartridges,

, 5-dihydroxybenzoic acid (Gentisic acid, vol.2

, Angiotensin I (1296.6853), Glu 1 -Fibrinopeptide B (1570.6774 Da), Da)

, TSK Amide-80 normal-phase HPLC column, 4.6 mm × 250 mm

, Acetonitrile 212, of low fluorescence grade for HPLC (Caledon

, 2AB) solution: 0.35 M 2AB solution in dimethyl sulfoxide/glacial acetic acid (7/3, v/v) containing 1 M sodium cyanoborohydride solution ( see Note 3 )

, 2AB-labeled dextran ladder

. 3mm and . Paper,

H. Glycoclean and . Cartridges,

, Solvent A: 50 mM ammonium formate

B. Solvent,

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