M. Shawn, Disturbing Hellenism: Walter Pater, Charles Newton, and the Myth of Demeter and Persephone, Walter Pater: Transparencies of Desire, pp.90-106

, In his later fiction, and especially in the mythological portrait in which he stages male figures that are reincarnations of Greek gods, Pater was to take up the theme of the beautiful man whose body is torn into pieces

H. Denys, ;. S. Carl, M. F. Connor-;-or, and . Moran, Hippolytus are figures of change and cultural rebirth inspired from the legend of Zagreus, but their death reflects Pater's sense of the impossibility of a continuity between the Greek and the modern mind. For the parallels between his studies of myths and his mythological portraits, see, Pater in the 1990s, vol.34, pp.169-188, 1983.

, She argues that Pater intends to "trace the moral life back to its source in the physical